Monday 7th of June

Dry cows
Dry cows made up to €2.31 a kilo with the best priced cow of the night a 760kg CH cow into €1,760.
Sample Prices:
855kg @ €1,840 705kg @ €1,620
835kg @ €1,800 620kg @ €1,390
755kg @ €1,720 580kg @ €1,230

Cows with calves at foot made from €1,180 up to €1,710

Bull Weanlings
There was a good show quality calves met with a strong demand for good calves, with a top price of €3.51 a kilo paid for a quality BB bull weighting 385kg into €1,350. Sample Prices:
385kg CH @ €980 325kg CH @ €800
380kg CH @ €1,090 285kg CH @ €900
350kg LM @ €1,060 380kg BB @ €1,200
365kg CH @ €1,060 305kg LM @ €820

Heifer Weanlings
A good range of heifer calves was on offer with a good deal of farmers in the market for these, the best price of the night went for a CH heifer at €3.43 a kilo, 335kg @ €1,150. Samples:
325kg CH @ €1,080 440kg BB @ €1,420
340kg CH @ €1,040 280kg LM @ €800

Sheep remain a good trade even with the larger numbers coming out in recent weeks. Some very heavy lambs made up to €180, while the run of lambs between 40-45kg made from €136-€155.
Cull ewes were a great trade with a top price of €195 paid for 2 quality pure bred Texel ewes.

Monday evening 14th June we have a special sale of Unhaltered pure bred cattle of all breeds. Bookings taken by phone.