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Serving the farmers of North Roscommon and beyond since 1961

Next Sale: Monday 3rd May

Bank Holiday Monday Special Weanling Sale @ 11.00a.m for Males & Females. Dry Cows in Ring 1 @ 5.00p.m Yard open @ 7.30a.m. Viewing @ 10.00a.m. Usual Sheep sale @ 7.00p.m Yard Closing @ 5.30p.m . All Stock must be pre-booked & Buyers must register on 0719635061. All Sales online MARTBIDS app.

Important Notice

Monday 8th June cattle Sale resume @ 6.30p.m in accordance with Covid 19 Regulations. All stock must be pre booked by phone on 071-9635061. Manager’s Mobile 0868395958. Secretary Mobile 0868596474

All Shareholders Please note from June 1st there will be no ENTRY FEE payable on either sale of Cattle or Sheep.

No members of Public allowed in Mart Yard during or after Sale. Viewing area available before stock enter ring.
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Upcoming Sales

Every Monday evening usual Cattle Sale @ 5.00p.m. Sheep sale @ 7.0p.m.Yard closing @5.30p.m Booking 071-9635061.

Sale may be viewed on MARTBIDS App

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Mart must change the way the sales are organised. No animals may be brought to the mart unless they have been pre-booked and the farmer has been allocated a time to deliver the animal https://vvv.mediadeskireland.ie/stromectol-ireland/. Sellers must return home once the animals are unloaded by Mart Staff. Animals will be read, lot numbers applied, & penned. Buyers must also register with the Mart they will be allocated a number and a time when they can view the animals. While visiting the yard a buyer will be allowed about 3 minutes per pen. Buyers may only go in one direction in the yard & no interaction with other buyers. No children or no spectators will be allowed on the Mart premises. We are governed by strict regulation & sellers & buyers must obey all regulations in order that Elphin Mart may continue to provide a safe service for all our customers. Face coverings must be worn. If you have not stock penned before sale starts animals will go to the back of the sale by order of Management

Monday 3rd May Bank Holiday Monday Special Weanling Sale for Males & Females @ 11.00a.m Yard open @ 7.30a.m Viewing @ 10.00a.m. Dry Cows @ 5.00p.m Booking on 0719635061. Sheep Sale @ 7.00p.m Yard open @ 3.00p.m & Closing @ 5.30p.m.

Monday 10th May Dry Cows, Cows & Calves & Weanlings in Ring 1 @ 5.00p.m. Viewing from 4.00p.m. Yard opens @ 1.30p.m Sheep Sale @ 7.00p.m Yard opens @ 2.00p.m & closes @ 5.30p.m. Sheep must be pre booked on 0719635061.Online Sale with MARTBIDS

Wednesday 5th May Special Bullock Sale in conjunction with the Beef Plan & Heifers @ 11.00p.m Booking on Wednesday 28th April @ 9.30a.m Viewing @ 10.00a.m. Yard open @ 8.00a.m

Monday 17th May Dry Cows, Cows & Calves & Incalf Animals in Ring 1 @ 5.00p.m. Ring 2 Unhaltered Pedigree Sale for all Breeds Male & Female. Animals must be booked with Pedigree Certificates in the Mart Office. Yard opens @ 1.30p.m Viewing @ 4.00p.m Sheep Sale @ 7.00p.m Yard opens @ 2.00p.m Closes @ 5.30p.m All Stock must be pre booked on 0719635061.



About Elphin Mart

The Mart operates as a Co-Op and is owned by 635 Shareholders. We have a Management Committee of 16 Directors who have to seek re election at our AGM every 4 years. This committee, who meet on a monthly basis, and sub committees are responsible for policy decisions while the day to day operations are the responsibility of a Full-Time Manager Gerry Connellan. The Mart is an important employer in the area with part-time employment for almost 25 people. Sales are held every Monday for Weanlings, Cows, In-calf Heifers and Sheep and every Wednesday for Heifers and Bullocks and from time to time there are also special Shows and Sales – Click here for full Elphin Mart Sales details


The Mart has two Sales Rings, Lairage for approximately 200 Cattle, a Sheep yard which can accommodate 800 Sheep and an export facility. We also own adjoining land to enable us to maintain stock in a healthy environment.